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Series/parallel switch.
The 160 kgf and 220 kgf bow thrusters are only available with a 24 Volt DC electric motor.
By installing a series/parallel switch in a 12 volt main power supply system it is possible that:
The 24 Volt bow thruster will work using 12 Volt batteries connected in series, therefore obtaining the required 24 Volt.
Also for charging, the 12 Volt batteries are automatically connected in parallel and linked to the 12 Volt charging system.

This series/parallel switch comes complete with pre-assembled auxiliary relays to ensure easy connection between the battery bank and the bow thruster.

When the installed batteries for the bow thruster are also used for other 12 Volt consumers, it should be remembered that the current is supplied via the charging contacts of the series/parallel switch.

These contacts have a continuous duty rating of 100 Amps., and an intermittent 20% rating of 150 Amps.

As a consequence, never use these batteries as starter batteries and never connect an anchor windlass to them.
The series/parallel switch functions completely automatically and therefore the operation of the bow thruster is as usual.
The 285 kgf – 48 Volt DC bow thruster has a series/ parallel switch supplied as standard in order to permit connection to a 24 Volt battery bank.
This 48 Volt series/parallel switch is also available separately (code: BP3008).
The series/parallel switches meet the EMC requirements.

Data sheet

Voltage (V)
12 V DC
Max. charging current
Continous: 100 A, intermittent at 20% duty cycle: 150 A
Current (Amps)
2.4 A
Max. current
Continous, not switching: 400 A; during 60 sec: 1000 A

Specific References

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